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Hong Kong Protesters Fear New Police Advance

Posted On September 30, 2014

(Hong Kong) -- Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong are blocking more streets today. They're stockpiling supplies and putting up makeshift barricades to prepare for possibly stepped up efforts by police to clear the streets before Wednesday's Chinese National Day. Police have almost completely pulled out of the downtown area, except for…

Afghan, U.S. Sign Security Pact

Posted On September 30, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Afghanistan and the United States are agreeing to a security pact that will allow American troops to remain in the country past the end of combat operations. White House spokesman Josh Earnest says the U.S. is pleased with the signing, which will continue two missions.   The signed agreement comes one day…

U.S. Fight Against ISIS Could Cost Billions

Posted On September 30, 2014

(Undated) -- The U.S. military campaign against ISIS could cost billions. The bipartisan think tank Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments crunched the numbers and says military operations against the terrorist group could cost almost four-billion dollars a year at the current pace. But if the U.S. commits more resources, the cost could skyrocket to…

Kinzinger: Free Syrian Army Is Disappointed With President Obama

Posted On September 30, 2014

(Undated) -- Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger says the Free Syrian Army is disappointed with President Obama.   Kinzinger says the U.S. waited too long to act in Syria. He points out the airstrikes against ISIS have slowed their momentum, but more needs to be done in order to defeat them. He worries ISIS will only…

World’s Heaviest Pumpkin Weighs More Than 2,000 Pounds

Posted On September 30, 2014

(Mainz, Germany) -- A Swiss gardener has grown the world's heaviest pumpkin. It weighs about as much as a Volkswagen Beetle, tipping the scales at two-thousand-97-pounds. Officials with the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth weighed the massive gourd recently in Germany. It broke a world record previously held by a California couple.