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Marine Murder Suspect Transferred To Philippines Authorities

Posted On October 22, 2014

(Manila) -- A Marine accused of murdering a transgendered Filipino is being transferred to a Philippines military base. Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton was being held at an American military base. As part of the United States' treaty with the Philippines, Pemberton will be guarded by American and Filipino soldiers. The Philippines expects to…

Hong Kong Protesters Plan To March On Politician’s Home

Posted On October 22, 2014

(Hong Kong) -- Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong are planning to march on the home of the city's China-backed leader. Protesters have taken to the streets for weeks demanding more involvement in political elections. Candidates for Hong Kong's top positions are hand picked by the Chinese government. Protest leaders met with senior officials in Hong…

Malala Awarded U.S. Liberty Medal

Posted On October 22, 2014

(Philadelphia, PA) -- The youngest-ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize now also owns the U.S. Liberty Medal. The National Constitution Center says it chose Pakistani child rights activist Malala Yousefzai to receive the medal for her courage and resilience in the face of adversity.   During her acceptance speech Tuesday night, the 17-year-old spoke…

Sweden Expands Russia Submarine Hunt

Posted On October 21, 2014

(Stockholm) -- More Swedish navy vessels are searching the sea around Stockholm amid suspicions that a Russian submarine is in trouble there. Maddy Savage, editor with The Local news website in Sweden, says there is nervousness at the potential for more military confrontation.   Soviet submarine sightings in the 1980s caused security alerts and lately…

Pentagon: Situation In Kobani Remains Tenuous

Posted On October 21, 2014

(Arlington, VA) -- Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says the situation in the Syrian border town of Kobani remains tenuous.   Kirby said Kurds in Kobani are holding their own against ISIS forces but he warned that it is a very "mixed, contested environment." U.S. planes dropped weapons to the Kurds over the weekend. Pentagon spokesman…