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Divers Struggle With Poor Visibility In Ferry Recovery Effort

Posted On April 22, 2014

(Jindo, South Korea) -- Divers are facing many difficult challenges while trying to locate hundreds of missing ferry passengers off the South Korean coast. Underwater conditions during today's recovery effort left divers unable to see more than a foot in front them. Furniture and other objects are keeping searchers from gaining access to a cafeteria…

Report: Senior Al-Qaeda Member Killed In Yemen

Posted On April 22, 2014

(Undated) -- A weekend attack by U.S. supported special forces in Yemen is alleged to have killed Ibrahim al-Asiri, al-Qaeda's chief bomb maker. Al-Asiri reportedly developed the plan to detonate an underwear bomb on a 2009 Christmas Day flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, an attack that ultimately failed. If confirmed, al-Asiri would be the highest…

Supreme Court To Take Up Jerusalem Passport Issue

Posted On April 22, 2014

(Undated) -- The U.S. Supreme Court is wading into a fight between Congress and the White House over Jerusalem. The case involves a law Congress passed in 2002. It allows U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem to ask that Israel be listed as the place of birth on their passports. But the Obama administration, like the…

More Activity At North Korea Nuclear Test Site

Posted On April 22, 2014

(Seoul) -- South Korean officials say there's increased activity at a nuclear test site in North Korea. This comes just days ahead of President Obama's arrival in South Korea on his four-nation trip to Asia. The South thinks North Korea may either be planning to stage a surprise nuclear test or a pretend one. The…

Tuesday’s Air Search For Flight 370 Called Off

Posted On April 22, 2014

(Perth) -- Tuesday's air search for the missing Malaysian airliner is being called off because of a tropical cyclone in the area. The Joint Agency Coordination Center said the current weather conditions are resulting in heavy seas and poor visibility and would make any air search activities ineffective and potentially hazardous. Officials say ten ships…