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State Department Tight-Lipped On Jordan’s Proposed Swap With ISIS

Posted On January 28, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- The State Department says its following closely the reports about Jordan being ready to exchange a prisoner for a pilot being held captive by ISIS militants. Spokesperson Jen Psaki said she would not discuss the details of U.S. diplomatic exchanges between Japan, Jordan or other countries involved. She said the U.S. government's…

Saudi TV Refutes Claims It Blurred Michelle Obama

Posted On January 28, 2015

(Riyadh) -- It's unclear if Michelle Obama's face was blurred by Saudi state television during a meet with the country's new leader. When President Obama and the First Lady met with King Salman yesterday, Michelle Obama did not wear a head scarf, as is custom in Saudi Arabia. Visitors aren't required to follow the country's…

Smithsonian Seeks New Location Overseas

Posted On January 28, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- For the first time in its 168-year history, the Smithsonian Institution plans to open a public space overseas. Officials are exploring the opportunity to open a center at a new complex in London. The complex is still in the development stages, and would be housed at the former Olympic park in London.…

U.S. Says Air Strikes Pounding ISIS

Posted On January 28, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- ISIS is being barraged with air strikes from the U.S.-led coalition in Syria. The U.S. military says coalition forces have launched over a dozen air strikes near Kobani in the last 24 hours, as they continue their assault to drive the militants out of the city. The Combined Joint Task Force says…

Jordan Willing To Trade Would Be Suicide Bomber For Pilot

Posted On January 28, 2015

(Undated) -- Officials in Jordan say they are willing to trade a would-be suicide bomber for a Jordanian pilot being held by ISIS. There are rumors of a possible deal after a Jordanian official said his country is ready to release the woman bomber if ISIS lets the pilot go. The woman was sentenced to…