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Prosecutors Will Seek Extended Detention Of Ferry Captain, Crew Members

Posted On April 20, 2014

(Seoul) -- South Korean prosecutors say they hope to keep three crew members of a sunken ferry behind bars for at least a month. Officials want to keep the captain and two of his crew in custody for as long as possible while investigators try to find what caused Wednesday's disaster off the coast of…

Russian Ambassador Denounces Anti-Semetic Leaflets

Posted On April 20, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- The distribution of anti-Semitic leaflets in eastern Ukraine is outrageous. That's the opinion of Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak , who told "Fox News Sunday" Russia has no idea who passed out the leaflets. However, the country's very concerned about them. The leaflets were handed out last week. They urge…

Underwater Search Finishes Seventh Mission With No Results

Posted On April 20, 2014

(Perth) -- The underwater drone scanning the sea bed for signs of a missing Malaysian jet is still having no luck. The Bluefin-21 unmanned sub finished its seventh mission Sunday morning without finding any trace of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Up to eleven planes and 12 ships are in the search area this morning trying…

Death Toll Rises In South Korea Ferry Disaster

Posted On April 19, 2014

(Seoul) -- The death toll from the South Korean ferry disaster now stands at 49 after divers recovered more bodies from the submerged ship today. More than 250 people, mostly students remain missing and are probably dead. The ships' captain is facing multiple charges, including abandoning ship. When he was arrested earlier today, the captain…

Captain Of Sunken South Korean Ferry Defends Decision

Posted On April 19, 2014

(Seoul) -- The captain of the ferry that sank off the coast of South Korea is defending his decision not to give the order to abandon ship. When he was arrested, the captain said he feared people in life vests would be swept away by strong currents before rescue boats could arrive. The death toll…