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Menendez Opposes New Cuba Policy

Posted On December 18, 2014

(Sayreville, NJ) -- New Jersey's senior senator is against the new relationship with Cuba. Robert Menendez, the Democrat who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, calls the announcement by President Obama misguided.   Menendez says, "It is a fallacy that Cuba will reform just because the American President believes that if he extends his hand…

Nelson Supports Moves To Bring Americans Home From Cuba

Posted On December 18, 2014

(Orlando, FL) -- Florida Senator Bill Nelson has a message for members of the Cuban-American community who are opposed to normalizing relations with the Castro regime.   Nelson says the U.S. has to keep pressuring Cuba to improve its human rights record and he looks forward to the economic opportunities that will be created. Alan…

Report: U.S. Believes North Korea Behind Sony Hack

Posted On December 17, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- The White House says the FBI is leading an investigation into the cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. U.S. investigators have determined that North Korea is behind the attack. Meanwhile, Sony has announced it's canceling the release of the controversial comedy, "The Interview," after major theater chains dropped the film, citing a…

Reports: U.S. Believes North Korea Behind Sony Hack

Posted On December 17, 2014

(Undated) -- There are reports that U.S. investigators have determined North Korea is behind the cyber attack on Sony. Several media outlets cite sources saying North Korean leaders ordered the attack on the entertainment giant. Investigators are expected to announce their findings as soon as tomorrow. This comes after Sony announced it was cancelling plans…

Cuban President Announces Changes In Policy Towards U.S.

Posted On December 17, 2014

(Havana) -- Cuban President Raul Castro says his government is ready to make changes that will ease tensions with the United States. In a statement read on Cuban national TV this Wednesday Castro called for an end to years of confrontation.   Castro revealed that ambassadors will be exchanged as part of the effort to…