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Ukrainian Troops Cross Over To Russia

Posted On August 05, 2014

(Moscow) -- More than 300 Ukrainian soldiers have reportedly crossed over into Russia during fighting with militants in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine is now reportedly trying to get them back through diplomatic channels. Tom Barton reports.   Play Clip

Israel Close To Destructing Hamas Tunnels

Posted On August 05, 2014

(Jerusalem) -- The Israeli military says it's close to completing its main objective in its ground assault in Gaza -- the destruction of cross-border tunnels. Matthew Kalman, a foreign correspondent based in Jerusalem, says it could be a turning point in the conflict.   The Israeli military told residents of some towns they can return…

Egypt Plans To Build New Suez Canal

Posted On August 05, 2014

(Cairo) -- Egypt plans to build a new Suez Canal. The new canal will be right next to the current waterway, which dates back almost 145 years. Construction of the new canal is aimed at expanding trade along the fastest shipping route between Europe and Asia. The new canal is expected to cost about four-billion…

Writebol Lands In U.S.

Posted On August 05, 2014

(Bangor, ME) -- An American aid worker who contracted Ebola while volunteering in West Africa is finally back in the United States. Nancy Writebol's plane landed in Bangor, Maine this morning, making a refueling stop before heading on to Atlanta. The specially designed plane is keeping Writebol in medical isolation while in transit. Writebol will…

U.S. National Security Adviser: U.S. Working With African Nations To Stop Ebola

Posted On August 05, 2014

(Undated) -- The U.S. National Security Adviser says the U.S. is working with West African nations to slow the Ebola outbreak. Adviser Susan Rice spoke to NBC's "Today" this morning.   The second American who contracted Ebola while in Liberia, Nancy Writebol of North Carolina, is expected to arrive in Atlanta today to receive treatment…