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Britain To Block Oil Fields Sale to Russia

Posted On March 02, 2015

(London) -- The British government has said it will block the sale of 12 North Sea oil and gas fields to a Russian-backed company. The assets are currently owned by a German company, which is being sold to a group backed by a Russian billionaire. Elena Casas reports.   Play Clip

Kerry Meeting With Russian, Iranian Foreign Ministers

Posted On March 02, 2015

(Brussels) -- Secretary of State John Kerry is holding meetings in Geneva with the foreign ministers of Russia and Iran. Jack Parrock reports.   Play Clip

Ex-Boss: Man Now Known As Jihadi John Was Model Employee

Posted On March 02, 2015

(Undated) -- The man the world has come to know as Jihadi John wasn't always a ruthless ISIS executioner, in fact a former boss says at one time he was a model employee. That was several years ago when Mohammed Emwazi worked as a salesman for an IT company in Kuwait. One of his former…

Netanyahu Arrives In Washington To Deliver Controversial Speech

Posted On March 02, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington to speak to a joint session of Congress. Dozens of Democrats plan to skip the Tuesday speech because they believe House Speaker John Boehner breached White House protocol when he invited Netanyahu without telling President Obama. Netanyahu's speech is expected to focus on the…

Iraqi, Shiite Forces Launch Offensive Against ISIS

Posted On March 02, 2015

(Baghdad) -- Iraqi and Shiite forces are launching a major offensive to drive ISIS out of seized territory north of Baghdad. The mission is targeting a primarily Sunni area overrun by the terrorist group. Iraq's air force is carrying out strikes to support its ground troops. Last night, Iraq's prime minister issued a warning to…