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Police Still Searching For Suspect In France Terror Attacks

Posted On January 09, 2015

(Paris) -- One suspect believed to be connected to the recent terrorist attacks at a French satirical magazine is still on the loose. Officials said today that three suspects thought to be behind the attacks were killed after taking hostages at two separate locations, but a female accomplice is still at large. Several hostages, perhaps…

Four Hostages Reported Dead Following Paris Siege

Posted On January 09, 2015

(Paris) -- There are reports at this hour that at least four hostages are dead following a siege at a kosher supermarket in Paris.

Pings Detected From AirAsia Jet’s Black Box

Posted On January 09, 2015

(Pangkalan Bun, Indonesia) -- Search and rescue teams have detected sonar pings which could lead them to the black boxes from the wreckage of an AirAsia jetliner. An investigator said the pings are coming from an area away from the tail section of the plane, which was found on Wednesday. It's possible the black boxes…

Mercedes-Benz Sales Are Up

Posted On January 09, 2015

(Stuttgart) -- Daimler AG says sales went up eleven-point-four percent in 2014. The maker of Mercedes-Benz and Smart cars says the increase is due to a 30-percent sales jump in China and a 25-percent rise in Mercedes compacts. Mercedes is enjoying its fourth consecutive year of record sales because of demand for its new range…

ISIS Praises Paris Killers As “Heroic Jihadists”

Posted On January 09, 2015

(Undated) -- The ISIS militant group is praising the men who killed a dozen people at a satirical newspaper in Paris this week. The group's daily audio bulletin on Twitter and jihadi forums Thursday praised the gunmen as "heroic jihadists." Two gunmen stormed the offices of the weekly newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" Wednesday morning. They killed…