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South Africa Mosque Marries Muslim Woman, Christian Man

Posted On March 24, 2015

(Cape Town, South Africa) -- A South African imam is challenging an Islamic tradition against Muslim women marrying outside the faith. Imam Taj Hargey's "Open Mosque" in Cape Town officiated the marriage of a Muslim woman and a Christian man last weekend. Traditionally, a Muslim woman can marry a non-Muslim man only if the groom…

U.S. Drone Strike Kills Pakistani Taliban In Afghanistan

Posted On March 24, 2015

(Undated) -- At least nine suspected Pakistani Taliban fighters are dead after a U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan. Intelligence officials say the strike early today is part of a stepped up drone campaign against Pakistani insurgents in Afghanistan. It hit just over the border from Pakistan's Khyber region where fighter jets have been hammering militants'…

Netanyahu Apologizes For Comments About Arabs “Voting In Droves”

Posted On March 24, 2015

(Tel Aviv) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is apologizing to the Arab-Israeli community for making insensitive remarks in an effort to get his voter base to the polls. In the final hours of Israel's parliamentary elections last week, Netanyahu warned that Arabs were "voting in droves." Netanyahu yesterday said he never intended to offend…

Canada To Expand ISIS Fight

Posted On March 24, 2015

(Ottawa) -- Canada is expanding its role in the war against ISIS. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is expected to announce a plan today that would send fighter bombers to Iraq and Syria to attack ISIS targets. Harper is also expected to announce that Canada will extend its military mission against ISIS for another year.

Obama Hosts New Afghan President Today

Posted On March 24, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- President Obama hosts new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani for talks at the White House today. Obama is expected to assure Ghani that the U.S. wants a strong and enduring partnership with Afghanistan. The U.S. has been pulling troops out of Afghanistan after more than a decade of war but several thousand will…

  • Pet Patrol

    Found dog

    Posted on March 27, 2015
    Location: Moore\'s Hill, Indiana

    Found white dog with a collar but no tags. Dog…