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Nigeria Declared Ebola Free

Posted On October 20, 2014

(Abuja) -- Africa's most populated country is Ebola free. The World Health Organization today confirmed Nigeria had successfully kept its outbreak contained to 19 people. The country has not reported a new case in 42 days. Officials with the WHO touted Nigeria's ability to contain the virus as "a spectacular success story" in the fight…

Health Expert: Congress Not Offering Resources To Support Travel Ban

Posted On October 19, 2014

(Minneapolis, MN) -- One of the top public health scientists is shooting down lawmakers' calls for a travel ban from African nations affected by Ebola.   On "Fox News Sunday," Dr. Michael Osterholm dismissed Republicans' suggestions the region could still be supplied in a manner similar to the Berlin Airlift. He noted that operation required…

Another Boko Haram Brutal Attack

Posted On October 19, 2014

(Johannesburg) -- Hopes of a ceasefire and the release of more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by the extremist group Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria, have been set back following another brutal attack. Gary Alfonso reports.   Play Clip

UN Ebola Leader: We’re At War With Ebola

Posted On October 19, 2014

(Accra, Ghana) -- The head of the UN's Ebola response in Africa says this outbreak is unlike any the World Health Organization has dealt with previously.   On NBC's "Meet the Press," Anthony Banbury said his group is playing catch up and needs more health care workers to end the crisis. He said previous Ebola…

Catholic Bishops Block Moves to Accept Gays

Posted On October 18, 2014

(Vatican City) -- Pope Francis' efforts to make the church more open to gay people are being blocked by Roman Catholic bishops. A document issued at the end of a two-week assembly, or synod, of Catholic bishops at Vatican City dropped controversial portions that promoted a more positive approach to homosexuality by the church. An…