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Terror Hearing To Focus On FBI Snooping On Defense

Posted On December 15, 2014

(Guantanamo Bay) -- A military court in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is again trying to move toward a trial for a group suspected of planning the 9-11 attacks on the United States. A pretrial hearing today will explore the extent of FBI intrusion into teams trying to defend the group. Lawyers for accused mastermind Khalid Sheikh…

Scipione: Police Want To End Hostage Standoff Safely

Posted On December 15, 2014

(Sydney) -- Australian police are still working to bring an end to a hostage situation at a Sydney cafe that began Sunday. Their main goal is to bring the hostages out safely. New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says it appears no one has been hurt by the gunman. SkyNews in Australia is reporting…

Three Escape Cafe, Police Make Contact With Suspect

Posted On December 15, 2014

(Sydney) -- Police in Australia are confirming they have made contact with the person holding several people hostage at a Sydney cafe.   New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn says the main priority of police is to maintain contact and assure the safety of the hostages and the public at large. Burn would…

Police Will Not Rule Out Sydney Hostage Standoff As Terror Attack

Posted On December 14, 2014

(Sydney) -- Authorities in Sydney say the hostage standoff at a downtown cafe cannot be ruled out as a terror attack.   New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said Monday police have not made contact with the individual who has held the people captive for several hours. Scipione told reporters there was an armed…

Reports: Hostages Held At Sydney Cafe

Posted On December 14, 2014

(Sydney) -- There's a hostage standoff going on in Sydney. Australian authorities have blocked off a street, and television footage shows people inside a cafe with their hands pressed against the windows. There's also a black and white flag, similar to those used by ISIS militants, also visible. New South Wales police are only saying…