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McCaul: U.S. Should Consider Suspending West African Visas

Posted On October 12, 2014

(Austin, TX) -- The Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee thinks the United States should consider putting travel visas from western Africa on hold.   On CBS' "Face the Nation," Representative Michael McCaul said calls for banning all flights from the region go too far, but more measures may be needed to fight the…

Rice: U.S. Ground Troops Wouldn’t Benefit Fight Against ISIS

Posted On October 12, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- President Obama's national security adviser says the fight against ISIS won't be a quick one.   On NBC's "Meet the Press," Susan Rice shot down suggestions the strategy against the terrorist group isn't working, saying it's too early to tell. She added that deploying U.S. ground troops wouldn't help the situation in…

Kissinger: Iran Should Be An Ally

Posted On October 12, 2014

(Berlin) -- A former Secretary of State expects the fight against ISIS to see America teaming up with nations that might be considered enemies. On NBC's "Meet the Press," Henry Kissinger said Iran and the U.S. share similar goals.   The diplomat who served under Presidents Nixon and Ford said President Obama has a challenge…

Sec. Baker Optimistic About ISIS Defeat

Posted On October 12, 2014

(Berlin) -- A former Secretary of State isn't too worried about ISIS or other foreign threats to the United States. On NBC's "Meet the Press," James Baker said America has faced much bigger problems in the past.   The former member of both President Reagan and the first President Bush's cabinets said the key to…

Sanders: U.S. Vs. ISIS Could Become Holy War

Posted On October 12, 2014

(Burlington, VT) -- Senator Bernie Sanders is worried the battle against ISIS runs the risk of being seen as a holy war without greater involvement by Muslim-led nations.   On CNN's "State of the Union," the independent senator from Vermont noted that Syria has the resources to defend itself, but seems content to let America…