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U.S.-Led Coalition Launches New Air Strikes On ISIS Targets

Posted On February 28, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- A new round of airstrikes are being launched against ISIS targets by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria. The Combined Joint Task Force said coalition aircraft hit ISIS positions near the border town of Kobani. Other weekend strikes targeted terrorist units near the Iraqi towns of al Asad and Mosul.

Russian Opposition Leader Shot Dead In Streets

Posted On February 27, 2015

(Moscow) -- An outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin is dead after being shot down on the streets of Moscow. Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot four times in the back as he was walking near the Kremlin. Putin condemned the murder, saying it could have been a contract killing. Nemstov was due to…

British PM Cameron Vows To Hunt Down “Jihadi John”

Posted On February 27, 2015

(London) -- British Prime Minister David Cameron is promising justice for the victims of ISIS terrorist "Jihadi John." Cameron refused on Friday to discuss the controversy surrounding the media unmasking of a 26-year-old former London resident as the ISIS killer. Instead, Cameron pledged to do everything he can to find the people harm British citizens…

White House Defends Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Posted On February 27, 2015

(Washington, DC) -- Presidential spokesman Josh Earnest is defending the ongoing Iranian nuclear talks. He says the administration continues to be concerned about "rhetoric" suggesting that new sanctions should be imposed now.   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been fiercely critical of the negotiations. Earnest said the talks aim to prevent Iran from obtaining…

Pentagon: ISIS “Feeling The Pinch” Financially

Posted On February 27, 2015

(Arlington, VA) -- Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby says ISIS is having money troubles thanks to U.S.-led coalition efforts.   Kirby made the remarks at a news briefing Friday. He said ISIS is struggling financially because it hasn't been able to invade new regions. Part of its strategy had been to capture resources and…