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Obama To Unveil Immigration Actions Tomorrow Night

Posted On November 19, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Before the week is over, President Obama is expected to issue executive actions on immigration reform. The President has vowed to do what he can on immigration because of inaction in Congress. A bipartisan Senate immigration bill has been sitting dormant in the House for well over a year. Congressional Republican leaders…

Economic Impact of Ebola Not As Bad

Posted On November 19, 2014

(Johannesburg) -- The Ebola epidemic did not break the World Bank. The bank's chief economist for Africa says they expect the impact of the epidemic on the sub-Saharan economy to be three to four-billion dollars, well below the worst-case scenario figure of 32-billion dollars. World Bank economist Francisco Ferreira said Wednesday that the economic risk…

No Terrorist Connection Believed In Israel Synagogue Attack

Posted On November 19, 2014

(Undated) -- Israel's Police Superintendent says some Palestinian people celebrated yesterday's attack at a synagogue in Jerusalem by dancing and handing out candy.   Micky Rosenfeld doesn't think there was a connection between the men and any terrorist organizations. He says security is being increased around Jerusalem after the attack that killed five people, including…

Suspected Virginia ISIS Supporter Due In Court

Posted On November 19, 2014

(Richmond, VA) -- A woman accused of attempting to use Facebook to connect wannabe jihadists with ISIS is due in a Virginia court today. Prosecutors say Heather Coffman wrote several posts supporting the terrorist group, which has imposed its brutal interpretation of Sharia law on territories throughout Iraq and Syria. Coffman's also suspected of offering…

Pope Condemns Synagogue Attack

Posted On November 19, 2014

(Rome) -- Pope Francis is condemning Tuesday's attack in Jerusalem synagogue by two Palestinians. The Pope spoke before worshippers in St. Peter's Square Wednesday, and said he was concerned with "the alarming increase in tension in Jerusalem and other areas of the Holy Land, with unacceptable episodes of violence that do not spare even religious…